Louie Lee-Horton

Your world. Your Dreams.

Freelance Videographer

I'm a Manchester based freelance videographer who helps dreamers like yourself sell their visions.

Welcome to my world.

Manchester born and raised. For the last few years I've been working with people from all walks of life from all over the world creating video content to sell their visions. My ethos is to create solid results and satisfaction for clients whilst leaving them with a memorable experience. I believe if you can't smile about your work then you're in the wrong job, and I do nothing but smile. 


If you have any ideas you want to bring to life get in contact with me. 




The more prepared you are the better the result. If you have a vision then get in touch and we'll bring that idea to life.


We use top industry level equipment and combined with my knowledge and experience you're in safe hands.


After production the same quality will continue through to the editing, where we'll get your project ready for delivery.

Featured Films

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